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Number of Semesters

2 Semesters

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Amy Eversole


Algebra 1. Students may take Chemistry while concurrently enrolled in Algebra 1.

Required Materials

NOTE: We use the 2nd edition of this book. (The current edition is the 3rd edition.) You can find used 2nd editions on ebay, Half Price Books, etc.

Text: Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd Edition (Apologia)
Solutions Manual: Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd Edition (Apologia)
Lab Kit: Student Lab Kit (you do NOT need the micro-chem kit); available online at various locations such as: or
2 binders/notebooks: 1 for On Your Owns, Practice Problems, notes, etc.; 1 for lab reports. Traditionally, lab notebooks are marble composition books (stitched notebook, not spiral), but I’m flexible on this.
Scientific calculator (can do scientific notation, does not need to graph); phone app okay
Hair tie for students with long hair

Homework Required - 5 Hours per Week

Food or Other Allergens Frequently Used; Contact Needed with Students Outside of Class (Text, Email, Zoom); Will Require Meetings Outside of Regular Co-op Schedule; Assignments Begin Before Co-op Begins

Homework Required - 5 Hours per Week

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About the course

Gain a firm understanding of the basics of chemistry, covering measurement & units, atoms & molecules, atomic structure, molecular structure, polyatomic ions and molecular geometry, stoichiometry, acid-base chemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, and more.