Destructive Science

Age Range:




Class Fees:


Number of Semesters

1 Semester

Maximum Students



Amy Eversole & Laurie Gann



Required Materials

No required materials.

Optional Materials: Eye protection and gloves. We will not need these frequently, so they are not required this semester. We can use the co-op's goggles and a box of latex gloves. Students who are concerned about allergies, comfort and/or fashion, are free to bring their own.

Homework Not Required

Food or Other Allergens Frequently Used; Class is Often Conducted Outside

Homework Not Required

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About the course

Let’s learn about how science works in the world around us by destroying some stuff! Each week we’ll destroy, explode, burn, disassemble, and create controlled mayhem to explore scientific principles. This semester will include 2 longer projects - building a volcano (individual) and building catapults (teams), as well as many shorter experiments (dry ice, non-newtonian fluid, dropping eggs, etc).

Several classes will take place outside, so please dress appropriately on those days. (Dates will be designated in the syllabus.)

Note: Students must be able to follow safety instructions. We plan to have a lot of fun in this class, but must be able to trust the students to behave as instructed. If a student’s behavior on a given day causes concern in this respect, that student will be asked to wait in the administration room until after the experiment is over.

Allergy notes: Students will often contact materials during class: balloons, papier mache, corn starch, latex gloves, etc. Please communicate with teacher about contact sensitivities. We will provide an allergy-friendly alternative or ensure that the student's role in that project does not include coming in contact with the allergen.
There will be one day of edible destructive science. Please contact the teacher with any concerns about food to be consumed.