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Forensic Science

Age Range:




Class Fees:


Number of Semesters

1 Semester

Maximum Students



Amy Eversole



Required Materials

Required: TEACHER GUIDE: Intro to Forensic Science by MasterBooks (
Eye protection (safety glasses or goggles, regular glasses are not enough)
Translucent ruler with millimeter markings
Tape Measure (5+ feet) with centimeter markings
Pencil, Calculator
Optional: Intro to Forensic Science by MasterBooks
I know this seems backward, but we need the teacher guide for the lab worksheets. Students who want to read along with the material should get the textbook as well.
Students with latex allergies will want to bring their own gloves.

Homework Not Required

Food or Other Allergens Frequently Used; Class is Often Conducted Outside

Homework Not Required

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About the course

This elective science will conduct weekly labs on various aspects of forensic science. Students are expected to follow the instructions and complete the lab reports provided in the Teacher Guide.

This class is not intended to fulfill the requirements of a full credit of high school science on its own. There is no assigned reading, tests or homework. Parents have the option of assigning their child reading and worksheets from the book if they wish to count the class as a credit. The labs will roughly follow the order of material in the book, to help students who are completing the classwork at home.

Please note that this material could be disturbing to some students. In class we will only get as realistic as needed for learning. For example, fake blood might be pink or purple. We will examine knife wounds in modeling clay and take body temperatures of potatoes. While the book takes care not to use graphic images, it does need to include some pictures of blood splatter and other images that could be disturbing. Also, the student book includes summaries of actual cases. While not explicit, considering the depravity and violence of past offenders might be too much for some students. Parents who purchase the student book should review it and monitor their student’s use of it.

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