Novel Studies

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Number of Semesters

1 Semester

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Jesi Abernathy



Required Materials

Each student must have their own copy of Animal Farm. It needs to be the exact edition below so that all pages and chapters align. I get mine on Amazon.

Paperback : 139 pages
ISBN-10 : 8187057319
ISBN-13 : 978-8187057314

Homework Required: 1 hour per week

Homework Required: 1 hour per week

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About the course

Students will be reading assigned chapters each week and completing work together in class. We will be tackling the issues raised in George Orwell's Animal Farm with Progeny Press' Christian literature study guides.

In Animal Farm, mistreated animals take over their farm to create a paradise of justice and equality . . . but vulnerability, power, and corruption can arise in even the most well-intentioned society. A razor-edged adult fairy tale that records the transition from revolt to tyranny to a totalitarian society with faults of its own.

This Progeny Press guide includes features about:

The author
Vocabulary, critical thinking, & analysis
Literary Techniques: thesaurus skills, antonyms & synonyms, anthropomorphism, personification, foreshadowing, rhetoric, poetic justice, irony, misdirection, maxims, mood, juxtaposition, comic relief, corollaries, paradoxes, euphemism, doublespeak, epiphanies, nihilism, context, full-circle endings, conflicts, structure, and themes.
Character Values: charity, work, sanctity of life, loving your enemies, leadership, faith in God, fear-mongering, anxiety, fear, trust, power, servanthood, authority, depression, racism.
Activities/Writing Assignments on: Government, economics, Russia, allegories, Spanish Civil War, essays, music, poster, Golden Age, military, flags, committees, science, discussions, journalism, art, propaganda, free speech.
A living reading list by the same author and other books like Animal Farm
The format is ideal for homeschoolers; the large 8.5x11 printed workbook format is convenient to read, easy on the eyes, and easy to transport from car to home. Plus, every question has plenty of whitespace for student's answers, which encourages neat and clean handwriting practice.