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Novel Studies

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1 Semester

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About the course

This semester we will be reading Fahrenheit 451.

Guy Montag, a fireman in the future, is responsible for starting fires, not stopping them. In his society, books have been banned - all books, save the firemen's own rule books, which contain the ominous order: "Burn everything." Books are only filled with confusing and contradictory ideas, and it is more important to have fun and to be entertained. When an old woman refuses to leave her books and dies in the flames, Guy wonders what it is in her books that inspire such passion. He determines to discover it for himself, even though his rebellion and confusion may cost him his life. A good examination of censorship and our responsibility to understand.

This Progeny Press guide includes features about:

The author
Vocabulary, critical thinking, and analysis
Literary Techniques such as context, similes, metaphors, setting, characterization, allusions, symbolism, tone, motifs, and more.
Concepts such as happiness, isolation, martyrs, dehumanization, swearing, mentors, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, helping the disenfranchised, foolishness, death, legacy, war, and memory.
Activities include art projects, class discussions, field trips, research papers, and class discussions.
A living reading list that includes books by the same author as well as other books like Fahrenheit 451.
The format is ideal for homeschoolers; the large 8.5x11 printed workbook format is convenient to read, easy on the eyes, and easy to transport from car to home. Plus, every question has plenty of whitespace for student's answers, which encourages neat and clean handwriting practice. A removable answer key is also included for the teacher.

PLEASE NOTE:the novel Fahrenheit 451 is required and must be purchased separately.

Setting: Futuristic United States

Genre: American Lit

Grades: 10-12

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