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1 Semester

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Jesi Abernathy



Required Materials

Homeschool Psych 2nd Edition: Preparing Christian Homeschool Students for Psych 101
ISBN-10 : 0981558771
ISBN-13 : 978-0981558776

Homework Required: 1 hour per week

Assignments Begin Before Co-op Begins

Homework Required: 1 hour per week

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About the course

Students will be responsible to read the assigned pages before class each week and come prepared to discuss the reading and complete assignments together in class.

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For Christian students, psychology class can be one of the more challenging classes they take in college. Prepare your kids now, before they go to college. Introduce them to the study of God’s grandest creation – the human mind – from a distinctly Christian perspective. Help them understand that when it comes to psychology, the Christian worldview makes sense.

Psychology is an extremely divisive topic for Christians today. Yet despite it being one of the most commonly-taken college courses, many homeschool students never study it before encountering it in the university setting. While they may be prepared to answer the questions and accusations of humanism, evolution, relativism and naturalism, psychology classes may be the hardest battlefield of all. This text was designed to introduce students to psychology's concepts, underlying worldview assumptions, and the Christian criticism of psychology, while still providing suggestions for Christians joining the contemporary psychological conversation.
Chapters integrate a Christian perspective into some of the most common topics addressed in psychology, including: psychology's history, the brain & nervous system, learning & memory, consciousness, personality, treatment, social psychology, research methods, and more.
Approaching psychology from a Christian worldview perspective requires that we must accomplish several tasks.
#1 We need to have an expansive definition of psychology.
#2 We need to understand the major worldview beliefs from psychology’s major theories and schools-of-thought.
#3 We need to understand what the Christian worldview has to say about psychology’s subject matter and its major theories and schools-of-thought.
You can know a lot about a person’s worldview by the way they define ‘psychology.’ You can tell a lot about their worldview by what their definition includes and what it leaves out. In a sense, the major differences between Christian and naturalistic psychology can be distilled down to the definition of psychology. In fact, as we’ll see, disagreements among Christians about psychology can also be traced to the definition of the word.
Psychology is often defined narrowly – the scientific study of the human brain and behavior. Some people think psychology is all about mental illness, counseling, and psychiatric medications. We need an expansive definition because psychology is much more than the study of the brain and behavior, counseling theories, and psychiatric medications. It is the study of God’s grandest creation. You. Psychology is the study of your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and your free will. Psychology is the scientific study of every mental power and capacity. But that is not all.
The origin of the prefix ‘psych,’ or more accurately, ‘psyche’ (pronounced sy-key) is the Greek word ‘psuche.’ Psuche had two meanings. Psuche is the ‘life force’’– that which animates all life on earth. It differentiates life from non-life. All life, at least all animal life, has psuche. Psuche is as common as life. In this sense, psychology is the study of that which is common. Brains and behaviors are common.
But psuche had a second meaning. Psuche also describes something uniquely human, something special, and something spiritual. In this sense, psychology is also the study of that which is spiritual, special, and uniquely human. A full definition of psychology recognizes that humans are unique among life on earth and it makes room for the human heart, soul, and mind. With a big definition, it becomes clear that psychology is interested in topics dear to a Christian worldview – topics dealt with extensively in the Bible.