US Constitution

Age Range:



1 & 3

Class Fees:


Number of Semesters

2 Semesters

Maximum Students



Sonya Jackson



Required Materials

Foundations for Freedom: a Study of the US Constitution CLP $29.50 new (the older version is called the Story of the Consitution and is acceptable as well for this class)
A 1 1/2 inch notebook with a clear view cover. ( to put a Paper in) and preferably with folders in the flaps. And 25 dividers (devoted to this class not to be combined with another class. this is important) with notebook paper for note taking in class.

The other books will be provided by Ms. Sonya and are included in the class fee. (this is so they all have the same edition and we can easily discuss them)

Homework Required: 1 to 2 hours per week

Technology/Equipment Needed at Home; Contact Needed with Students Outside of Class (Text, Email, Zoom); Will Require Meetings Outside of Regular Co-op Schedule; Assignments Begin Before Co-op Begins

Homework Required: 1 to 2 hours per week

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About the course

This is a 2 credit class. 1 whole govt credit & 1 civics credit. 2 govt. Can be honors

This is a fun, informative and interactive class where we will cover the types of govt, the influences of our govt, the history of our govt (the later a bit less due to prior knowledge of) all while we study the forefathers writings and works, as we comb through the constitution article by article, word by word.

The constitution is where our goverment is set up and it lays out our goverment systems in detail. Their powers, their limits, their duties as well as ours. Its also a declaration of our freedoms and liberties that we have protected with guidelines for our goverment.
This is an intense class with maximum payoff. The first half (sem) is the most labor intensive with 1 to 2 hours of homework a week (depending on the pace of the student and amount of work for that Week). The assignments are more thought provoking. Teaching them to use deductive reasoning and logic to discover the wonders of our beginnings. And the problems. This is a FACT based class and therefore only the opinions of the forefathers and framers will be taught and discussed in quite some detail. (I do not entertain personal political beliefs in this class. Thats not what this is about. While we will disscuss some current events we will stick to the constitutionalism of those events. Not our opinions of them.) We will explore the how's and whys of the Constituion..why it was needed, what makes it stand out, did the Bible influence the framers actions? Is it obsolete? Etc. All assignments and instructions will be posted in Google classroom so all students will need access to a device to access google classroom. (Even if its a parents phone or tablet. This has worked very well in the past).
This is a 2 semester class and part 1 is required for part 2. Part 2 is much less "work" and more application and discussion for clarification. With a couple of projects that help confirm what they have learned. Then the final.

All things covered for goverment requirements and more.
*types of.govt
*history of govt
*all 3 branches and duties/limitations of
*thoughts, intentions and beliefs of framers
*strong grasp of basic constitutional liberties

This is a complete goverment class. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I will do all I can to clarify things for you!
We will also be meeting when the science classes meet before co op starts but after reg. I will explain in detail what to expect and what is needed and what to do before the first class day.

I look forward to seeing what these young eager minds will discover!