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Age Range:




Class Fees:


Number of Semesters

2 Semesters

Maximum Students



Jennifer Stonitsch


General Science

Required Materials

Exploring Creation with Biology 3RD Edition Textbook
Exploring Creation with Biology Tests and Solutions Manual 3RD Edition
***Optional Spiral Bound Student Notebook***
3 Ring Binder with 6 tabbed dividers
Notebook Paper
Colored Pencils
Class Notes
On Your Own Questions
Study Guides
Lab Experiment Summaries
*Extra Credit Module Summaries/ Quizzes

Lab Equipment:
Biological Compound Microscope

Apologia Biology Series Prepared Slide Set ***make sure it is for the 3RD Edition***
Dissection Tools
To Be ordered in January for second semester dissections
-Dissection Tray
-Dissection Specimens that include: ( Frog, Perch, Earthworm, Crayfish)

5 hours per week

Technology/Equipment Needed at Home; Contact Needed with Students Outside of Class (Text, Email, Zoom); Assignments Begin Before Co-op Begins

5 hours per week

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About the course

In this course students learn about observations and inferences, hypotheses, experiments, and scientific theories and laws. They will delve into the chemistry of life from atoms to the chemical structures that make life, as we know it, possible. They will explore the ecology that surrounds life as they investigate ecosystems, biomes, populations, and communities.
An in-depth study of cell structure and function, cellular energy, DNA, proteins, and cell cycles will help students comprehend heartier materials as they advance through topic of genetics – inheritance, disorders, and technology.
Students will also learn about prokaryotes, viruses, protists, and fungi. They will explore deeply into the fascinating world of plants and animals.
This High school level course is recommended for 9th grade or 10th grade students.

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