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Joy of Cooking

Age Range:




Class Fees:


Number of Semesters

2 Semesters

Maximum Students



Ronda Baker


Student MUST be maturely responsible enough to handle sharp knives, as well as handle other sharp and breakable kitchen tools with care.

Required Materials

The Joy of Cooking 2019 Edition* (I am good with siblings in same household sharing a book)
click here:

Container to take product home in, if desired
DRINKING WATER! (There is no drinking fountain in the annex!)
ring binder with three dividers
Pen and pencil
Hand towel
Hair clip to hold back long hair
Post-it-notes (if you do not like to write in your book)

*Make sure the JOC you purchase is the 2019 edition. Older editions of JOC will NOT be usable for this class because this is the edition that the class syllabus will follow.

30 minutes per week

Food or Other Allergens Frequently Used; Contact Needed with Students Outside of Class (Text, Email, Zoom)

30 minutes per week

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About the course

This popular class is back! In this class period, we will not only be cooking, the course will revolve around the science of cooking and how kitchen gadgets work. We will fix fun recipes from the best selling and most honored cookbook by the Rombaur/Becker families as well as some new recipes. We will also discover the many uses of common and uncommon kitchen tools. Think of this corse as a cooking, science, math, and literature class rolled into one!

Extra note concerning food allergies:
We do use all kinds of ingredients in this class. We cannot always make a substitution for every recipe. Just have your child be mindful of what is being prepared in class. The majority of dishes WILL come from the book. We will be alot lighter on the dairy than the previous “Kids in the Kitchen” class that was previously taught, but will still be used. VERY little nuts will be used (if any). Flour and other gluten products will be used on occasion. (If we are preparing a sandwich, your child can simply omit the bread.)
If you need to know what recipe is being prepared in class ahead of time, just send me a message. The idea of the class is to do the section reading at home and then surprise the class on what we will make based on the materials they have read.

Note concerning homework:
this will comprise of section reading from the book. A multiple choice test will be handed out every FOURTH week to take home, complete, and bring back. Each question will come from the book and class.

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