Age Range:




Class Fees:


Number of Semesters

1 Semester

Maximum Students



Amy Eversole


Students should have basic reading and writing skills.

Required Materials

Homework Required: 1 hour

Technology/Equipment Needed at Home

Homework Required: 1 hour

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About the course

Do I use an "ai" or an "ay" for this word? How do I know if I add "s" or "es" to a word to make it plural? Why does "hope" become "hoping" but "hop" becomes "hopping"? This class will focus on teaching some basic spelling rules to elementary-aged kids. We will also use our creativity as a group to come up with memory devices to keep from confusing basic homophones. Students will do best if their 1 hour of homework is spread out to at least 3 days per week. Repetition will help their learning immensely. Students will be expected to complete assignments and will earn incentives for doing so well. The teacher will at times utilize some electronic features such as online flashcards and games. Parents who wish to eliminate screen time are free to create their own screen-free version of the assignments. A syllabus and sample papers will be available for parents to review by registration. If your child is an emerging reader, please review these to make sure the class is a good fit for their current level.